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Amway India collaborated with PHDCCI, Rajasthan chambertohost a Virtual Wellness Conference Jaipur, 9th November 2020: In line with its commitment to promote holistic nutrition and wellness, Amway India, one of the country’s leading FMCG direct selling companies, partnered with PHDCCI Rajasthan Chapter to organise a Virtual National Wellness Conference. The conference focused on Wellness in Modern Life to promote holistic nutrition and wellbeing among people. During the conference, all esteemed guests and speakers highlighted the importance of staying positive during COVID-19 and having a healthy mind, body and soul. They further emphasized how current lifestyle and eating habits are widening the nutritional gap. These factors have adversely affected the health and overall wellbeing of people. Furthermore, the discussion drove emphasis on supplementing one’s regular diet with proper exercise to maintain holistic wellbeing. Present at the virtual conference, Shri Ashok Chandna, Hon’ble Minister for Sports and Youth Affair, Govt. of Rajasthansaid, “The current health crisis has highlighted the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle more than ever before. We have been forced to re-look at our lifestyle choices and inculcate healthier habits to safeguard ourselves against health diseases of any kind. A holistic approach to our wellbeing, comprising physical, mental and emotional health has become the need of the hour. It is a great effort by PHD Chamber Rajasthan in partnership with Amway India to host events that give us an opportunity to discuss and throw light on relevant and one of the most important issues at hand. I would urge everyone to adopt a healthier lifestyle and do their best to safeguard themselves.” Speaking on the initiative, Rajat Banerjee, Vice-President - Corporate Affairs, Amway India, said, “As one of the leading nutrition and wellness brands, we have been at the forefront of promoting healthy living through various activities.Our consistent effort is to create awareness around adapting a healthy lifestyle by supplementing one’s regime with proper balanced nutritional intake combined with proper exercise. The knowledge sharing during these sessions emphasizes on the need to develop an approach towards holistic wellness, to continue to live a healthy and better life, aligned with Amway’s core philosophy. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with PHDCCI to spread awareness on the need for holistic wellbeing amongst people.” During the session the speakershighlightedhow consumers are today a lot more conscious of their health and lifestyle. They are open to making the required changes in their lifestyle to lead a healthier life, beit traditional health practices ornutritional supplements. This coupled with at-home workout routines such as yoga etc. and mindfulness practices are helping people manage their stress better and stay healthy. Present at the conference was Shri Ashok Chandna, Hon’ble Minister for Sports and Youth Affair, Govt. of Rajasthan, as the chief guest along with Col. Rajnish Kapur, Business Head JK Cement as the guest of honour. The keynote address was presented by Ms. Alka Gurnani Singh, National Manager Public Affairs, Amway India. The conference witnessed participation from senior leadership officials of PHDCCI as well including, Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal, President; Mr. Pradeep Multani, Sr. Vice President; Mr. Saket Dalmia, Vice President amongst others. About Amway India Amway India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amway with headquarters located in Ada, Michigan, USA. Amway is the world's #1[1] direct selling company with presence in over 100 countries & territories. Globally, Amway is 60 years old, US$ 8.4 billion, manufacturer and direct seller of quality consumer goods. Amway’s innovation and industry-leading R&D has seen more than 780 patents granted and another 220 patents pending. Amway has nearly 500 scientists, engineers, and technical professionals who extend the innovation and science capabilities through 11 locations to deliver global, regional, and local product research and development. Amway India sells more than 140 daily use products across categories like Nutrition, Beauty, Personal Care, Home Care and Consumer durables through Amway Direct Retailers/Sellers who make personal recommendations regarding the use of distinctive quality products. Amway products are widely recognized and appreciated for their quality and value. These products are backed by a money back guarantee for 100% satisfaction of use[2]. Amway products are popular not just in India but across the world. Nutrilite is the world's No. 1 selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand [3]. Nutrilite has established itself as a leading brand in the vitamins and dietary supplements category in India as well. Artistry is India’s No. 1 premium skin care brand[4]. Amway India also offers ‘Attitude’, an entry level premium skincare and cosmetics brand targeted at India youth. The product range has been developed taking the needs of Indian consumers into consideration.