Gyan Dairy increased its production capacity by 5 times

Brand witnessed a surged in demand for packed dairy products

Lucknow, December, 2020: Due to the COVID-19 the consumer awareness towards health and nutrition products has increased and they are shifting more towards packed products over loose dairy products such as milk or loose paneer. 

There is a sudden increase in the demand for packeddairy products from trusted brandsespecially in the Paneer category. To cater to this increased demand, Gyan Dairy has increased the production capacity of its Lucknow plant by 5 times. Earlier the plant was producing upto 1 ton paneer/day and now with the advance technology and state of art machinery, the brand will be producing upto 5 ton/day of Paneer. This will ensure the availability of hygienically packed Paneer to the consumer, which is totally untouched by hand and comes with higher standard of hygiene and prolonged shelf life. 

Gyan stays committed to its tagline- Vishwas Se Bhara and always aims to provide pure and nutritional products to its consumer. The increased production for Paneer is the step further to stands true to its commitment. 

Talking on the increased production, VenkataramaniSanthanam, VP (Sales & Marketing) said, “Post COVID, we witnessed that consumer is now going for safe, immunity, packed, trustworthy and affordable brands. Through our initiatives and offerings, we are trying to cover all these aspects. Paneer is our most admired and flagship product and we witnessed that consumers are opting for packed paneer as against loose ones available in the neighborhood. This led to the big boost to the packed Paneer portfolio and we installed international renowned machinery and increased our production capacity for Paneer by 5 times. We are also communicating the message of immunity and hygiene and replicating the message through our product offerings. We ensure that all our products are prepared and packed in accordance with the highest standards of health and hygiene to ensure its freshness and most importantly, the safety of consumers. We always stands by our mission statement- ‘Vishawas Se Bhara’ and we promise the same to our consumers.” 

Paneer packs are available in sizes - 200gm, 300, gm and 1 kg fully sealed pack at Gyan Fresh Stores located across cities. The distribution channel is fully geared up to make sure that the products are available at all the retail channel. Besides, these products will also be available through a network of Gyan Select Stores, Gyan e-carts, and other retail stores via an extensive distribution network.  

Most important and convenient way of ordering Gyan products are through Gyan Fresh App, company’s latest venture in going digital and providing customer the convenience of ordering Gyan products. This facility further ensure flawless delivery of products 7 days a week, 365 days a year in making contact less products delivery at the customers door step. 

About Gyan

Gyan Dairy, head quartered at Lucknow, is a well-recognized name in the dairy industry,touching a turnover of over 908 cr in fiscal 2020. Gyan is into processing of dairy products and one of the leading suppliers of fresh milk and dairy products in India. The brand is synonymous with freshness, trust and consistent quality of dairy products which sources, processes, markets, and sells a full line of dairy, fermented, and value-added products. Popular dairy products by Gyan include full cream milk, toned milk, cow milk, ghee, curd, butter paneer, masala chaach etc. The company has rapidly grown in the past few years in Uttar Pradesh and is now among the leading dairy suppliers in the state. With tagline "Vishwaas Se Bhara", the brand stands true to its theme 'Shuddhaurtaaza, Gyankawaada'. 

Gyan dairy was launched back in 2007, by partnering with small farmers and today, it is poised to grow into a 1000+ Cr dairy company, supplying products to more than 1.5 lakh plus households through a well-connected network of 500+ distributors and 40,000+ Retailers. The brand also has its exclusive retail outlets called Gyan Fresh stores, spread across 53 locations in UP to enhance customer experience by providing fresh and pure dairy products. One of the reasons for these fast-growing numbers is the acceptance of the quality by customers and the trust it enjoys in the market and second is its state-of-the-art processing plant with advanced technology, which maintains the maximum nutritional value and supplies safe & hygienic dairy products. 

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