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“The challenging part of this role is learning Haryanvi”, said Ashok Lokhande talking about his role in Sony SAB’s Kaatelal & Sons How does it feel to be part of Sony SAB’s Kaatelal & Sons? What made you accept this show? It’s quite an interesting story on how I landed this role, my close friend who also does casting and who I have previously worked with, saw my pictures during the lockdown. I didn’t dye my hair while I was home and was sporting an all-white, over-grown beard and hair look. He shared it with the Kaatelal & Sons team, and I was called for the audition. Interestingly, I wasn’t aware of this story till I bagged the role. I wasn’t planning on doing Television again, but this role really caught my eye and I had to say yes to this role. Dharampal is unlike any character I have previously essayed. I was moved by the grey shade of this character and the overall concept of the show. How is Kaatelal & Sons different from any other show you have previously done? Kaatelal & Sons stands out for its concept which is – Dreams Know No Gender. It is beautifully crafted and the messaging has been weaved into the characters and storyline. This show is inspiring and will make people think about their dreams and hopefully encourage them to pursue it, overcoming any boundaries. This is one of the few television shows that aim to break the deep-rooted stereotypes in peoples’ minds, regarding gender roles. I wanted to be a part of a show like this and I am sure my fans and the viewers of Sony SAB will love it too. Please share something about your character. I am playing Dharampal Thakur in Kaatelal & Sons. He is a traditional man for whom, his principles and beliefs mean a lot and they have been carried on since generations. He is the proud owner of a men’s hair salon – Kaatelal & Sons. This salon has been passed on to him through generations, and he takes pride at his skills and his brilliant service in the salon. His ancestral salon is named Kaatelal & Sons, but he is a father of two daughters, who are not even allowed to enter the salon or take over the business in future. Dharampal is a doting father but very strict with his beliefs. He is the sole bread earner of the house, who likes taking care of his family and handling all the responsibilities. How difficult or easy is it for you to play the role of a father of two young girls? How has been the experience with Kaatelal & Sons? It was really easy. I am a father in real life to a lovely daughter and I have been playing a dad on screen for a long time. With Jiya and Megha, it has been an enjoyable experience shooting and they are already like my daughters. The experience shooting with the brilliant team of Kaatelal & Sons has been excellent. Jiya and Megha light up the set and are extremely hardworking and sweet girls. As an artiste, I am so thrilled to be playing Dharampal because every day brings something new for me to try and learn. What is the most challenging thing about your role? Despite Dharampal’s character being a little grey in nature, the viewers will love him for some moments but might also dislike him because of his extreme and set ways. This is sometimes becomes a challenge as you need to get the right emotion at the right time. Another challenging part of this role is learning Haryanvi and keeping the dialect the same across all shots. Have you been doing special preparations for this role? Since I am a father in real life, I didn’t need any preparations there. A lot of focus on preparation for the role was mainly on perfecting the accent. I have stayed in Delhi before, during my days in National School of Drama and during that period, I had come across people speaking in this accent. So, while the accent is not entirely new for me, I have to practice a lot to ensure I do full justice to the role. Stay tuned to Kaatelal & Sons, Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM only on Sony SAB