Comedy is a new area for me’ says Manoj


As Zee Cinema gears up for the World Television Premiere of Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari on 28th February at 8pm, Manoj Bajpayee has spilled some beans on the same. The story takes off when Suraj, who is looking for a bride, starts to get suspiciously rejected by the potential bride’s families. The story accelerates when he realises that it’s the detective Madhu Mangal Rane who is creating havoc in his life and starts to plot against him. Thus, begins the mad events of outrunning each other’s tricks. This comical nok-jhok between Suraj and Mangal is brilliantly played by Manoj Bajpayee and Diljit Dosanjh.

You have done so many different roles across genres. Is it easier or is it more difficult to establish a connection with the audience while doing comedy, as compared to other genres?

I have always been up for new kinds of roles and Madhu Mangal Rane was a new space for me to explore. I have always prioritized stories over everything else, however, each role comes with its own perks and challenges. Although, comedy is relatively a new area for me, and it was great exploring the genre. If you ask me what’s more difficult, I would say, getting into the skin of the character is the toughest part. In the end, building a connection with the audience is tricky and requires a focused approach irrespective of any genres.

In the movie your character Madhu Mangal Rane is a master of disguise. How was it to switch from one look to another? 

It was an opportunity for me to play multiple characters in a single movie. It wasn’t just my appearance that kept changing, but I had to adapt to each get-up in a convincing way. When you are playing these roles, you need a lot of patience. It took long hours to get into these looks.

Though the costume and make-up form a crucial part while switching the on-screen identities, the internal preparation is the real deal. Be it the character of a Maharashtrian woman in nauvari saree or the James Bond-style spy who instead of Gun uses a camera, each character has interesting traits.

How was your experience working with Diljit and Fatima?

It was an absolute delight to work with Diljit and Fatima. Fatima is a very grounded and hardworking girl. I was very impressed with the kind of dedication that she showed towards preparing for her character. Diljit has a unique way of interpreting a situation. He adds his own elements in the scenes so flawlessly. Both of them are extremely talented and we had great fun working together. There was a very positive vibe on the set. That really helped us truly enjoy our work and look forward to going back to work every single day, with the same enthusiasm.

The movie is set in the 90’s Mumbai. Which things from the 90s do you most fondly remember?

90s was a comparably simpler time. People from the 90s would remember the struggle of winding their cassettes with a pen. It’s just the nostalgia from that time like the pager, simple card games, landlines, and more. In Suraj pe Mangal Bhari, I got to relive these moments. I am sure the audience would also love witnessing the era.


What advice would you like to give to budding actors who consider you as their idol?

It's about never giving up. If it works out, great, if not, you've gained experience. With acting, it’s important to be ready for every challenge. If you’re passionate about the craft and are willing to work hard, then success is bound to knock your door. Another thing is - observe, observe, observe! The more you observe, the more you learn. I wish all the aspiring actors all the very best and all the success in future.

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