Growth Expo 2021' provides multi-lateral platform for brands and investors to increase their business and visibility

Growth Expo 2021 will be organized on 5th ,6th  and 7th March

More than 40 brands to participate on one platform

Special benefits for traders, dealers, small businesses and investors

3000 investors from across the country to participate at the Expo

New Delhi, February 18th 2021; In between the Corona pandemic, most of the companies are engaged putting in efforts to increase their business scope and standard. Under such circumstances, Growth Expo 2021, organized on 5th, 6th, and 7th March will provide wings to these efforts. The ‘Growth Expo 2021’ will be a virtually organized event at national level. Companies and investors from all over the country will get a chance to join together on one common platform. The main objective of Growth Expo is to build a bridge between the country's leading brands and investors, through which both sides can explore better future prospects for their brands. It will cover many important points such as business information showcase, profile sharing, and live chat with business card exchange, video conferencing and interactive event booths. To be a part of this online program one can register on

Yashesh Shah, Head of the event  on Growth Expo 2021 said; “That it would be a great opportunity for companies and investors directly, where traders, dealers, small businesses, franchisees to food, auto, education, retail, financial service providers, health and more than 40 brands from almost all sectors like & Wellness, Water Technology, Cleaning Systems, Electricals, Wires & Cables are participating. It will also help them to generate a separate source of income by making their business range nationwide.”

Explaining that more than 3000 investors from various states including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi-NCR will be participating in this expo. Which includes some prominent names like Shanti Juniors, H3 Pre School, Chocolate Room, Padmam Capital amongst others. Here, new people joining the mindset of making dealers, distributors or franchisees will also get better results.  Troopel and PR 24x7 are the Online and PR partners for the ‘Growth Expo 2021’ respectively.

For more information, contact Yashesh Shah (9879365651)

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