Jaatiwad Majburi Ke Beech Mein Ghira Bhimrao

After Ramji (Jagannath Nivangune) moves out of Satara with Jijabai (Sneha Mangal),Bhimrao (AayudhBhanushali) and his brothers are left behind to fend for the family. With Jijabai creating a rift between Ramji Sakpal and Bhim, the duo are caught in a misunderstanding. Bhimrao and the family is faced with a tremendous financial and emotional setback. However, Bhimrao stands up to it and starts hunting for a new job along with Anand. 

But, Bala falls into a bad company and resorts to stealing. Following the choice principle, Bhimrao makes a tough and right choice to send Bala to jail. Meanwhile, Tulsa falls ill, and Anand takes up an odd job while Bhim begs for work. Simultaneously in Goregaon, on learning about Ramji belonging to a lower caste, people begin to insult, attack and oust him of the community. Speaking about the current track, Jagannath Nivangune, who portrays the character of Ramji Sakpal, shares, "Bhimrao is faced with tremendous trials and tribulations. His life takes a new course and on to a new path from here on. After his mother's demise and his father abandoning him, Bhimrao has a tough fight ahead of him. To face and fight intense discrimination, extreme hunger, overcome financial and emotional setbacks and hold the family's reins together to support his siblings and education. With no one to support, how will Bhimrao change the course of his life and overcome these intense challenges?"

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