Nafrat Ab Ek Nayi Dosti Ki Taraf Kadam Badha Rahi Hai," says Yesha Rughani about Veer and Zara's bond on Sony SAB's Hero: Gayab Mode On

Sony SAB's sci-fi fantasy show "Hero: Gayab Mode On" continues to capture its viewers' hearts with thrilling action sequences and a gripping storyline. The budding romance between Veer (Abhishek Nigam) and Zara (Yesha Rughani) keeps the audience hooked to the show and the upcoming action-packed sequences on the show will fill the audience with loads of excitement and thrill. While the duo continues to win hearts, Abhishek Nigam and Yesha Rughani share a hard to miss timeless off-screen bond. 

Abhishek Nigam and Yesha Rughani get candid about their roles, the chemistry between them and what fans can expect in the upcoming episodes and how their bond has developed over such a short period. 

Abhishek sharing his experience of working on the show, said, "As a kid, I always used to be called a Hero and when I came across Hero: Gayab Mode On, my childhood dream became a reality. This has been a fantastic opportunity to work on and I am learning something new with each passing day. The ongoing storyline has intrigued our audience and has been equally exciting for us to perform. The upcoming episodes promise to take the thrill quotient up a notch and it is set to take the viewers on a roller coaster ride and is bound to keep them on the edge of their seats. When you work as a team and share an amazing camaraderie with your co-stars off-screen, it resonates on-screen and helps you to perform better. Yesha Rughani is a phenomenal artist and is a very supportive co-star. She is a very dear friend and working with her continues to be a memorable experience. When I met Yesha for the first time, we instinctively clicked and it was a beginning of a great partnership." 

Yesha sharing her experience of working on Hero: Gayab Mode On, said, "Zara is a very career-orientated and ambitious woman from a small town. I feel blessed to be a part of this show since I have always been fascinated by superheroes and Zara was definitely a character I wanted to explore. This show has given me an opportunity to explore and learn new skills as an artist, so I am enjoying this a lot. My co-star and a very dear friend, Abhishek Nigam, has been very supportive and has always stood beside me since day one. He has helped me take baby steps while performing stunts and today I can proudly say that I am enjoying performing my stunts."

Yesha further added, “In the future episodes the audience is set to witness a change in Veer and Zara's dynamics, Nafrat Ab Ek Nayi Dosti Ki Taraf Kadam Badha Rahi Hai and it will be fascinating to watch how this change transpires.”

Talking about the real heroes in their life, Yesha said, "My father is my real hero and he has always taught me to face any challenge in life with a smile." Abhishek further added, "My mother is my real hero and she has always taught me to push my boundaries and give my best against all the odds." 

While talking about the phenomenal on-screen chemistry, the duo said, "Our off-screen camaraderie helps us create magical sequences on-screen."

Keep watching Hero: Gayab Mode On only on Sony SAB Monday to Friday 8 PM.

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