Zee Cinema to premiere the complete family entertainer Rishtey: A Grand Celebration on 21stof March


~ Rishtey: A Grand Celebration to air on Zee Cinema on 21st March at 12:30 pm ~

Zee Cinema brings you the ultimate mix of romance, action and entertainment with its premier of Rishtey: A Grand Celebration on 21st March. The movie featuresNaga Chaitanya and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead roles and is produced by the veteran actor Nagarjuna.It’s anaction and drama filled love story with a strong family rivalry at the centre. The characters are veryrelatable,and the film has an interesting plotlayered with many emotions. Don’t miss the Zee Cinema premiere of Rishtey: A Grand Celebration on 21st March at 12:30 pm only on Zee Cinema.

Talking about the filmNaga Chaitanya said, "Rishtey: A Grand Celebration is an important milestone in my journey within the industry. The strong character of Shiva, who is ready to go to any extent for his love, will always be one of the high points for me as an actor. To top it off, my fatherNagarjuna, who is also the producer of the movie, was an active part of this film right from the beginning to its promotions. That made the movie all the more special for me. I am very excited for the Zee Cinema premiere of Rishtey: A Grand Celebration and I hope the viewers will enjoy watching it too."

Rishtey: A Grand Celebration brings together an action-packed tale filled with love and family values. Shiva (Naga Chaitanya) plays a tough but simple man who falls in love with Bhramaramba (Rakul Preet Singh). Even after fighting the world to be together, they must nowovercome the generation-long rift between their families. Would they be able to defeat all odds, fulfil their love and unite their warring families?

Catch Zee Cinema Premiere of Rishtey: A Grand Celebration on

21stMarch at 12:30 pm

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