Computer education is growing exponentially across the world and India is no exception. All CBSE/ICSE schools have introduced computers from 1st standard and many of the State Board have or are in process of including it in curriculum in phases.

However even though there is a lot of interest, computer education in schools is highly unorganized and fragmented. There are many reasons, first is non-availability of unified curriculum especially below 8th standard. NCERT has put in a lot of effort to strengthen it from 9th to 12th however quick advancement in technology makes the curriculum out-dated very soon. There is a lack of qualified and trained teacherswho are up to date on latest technologies.

Even though there is plethora of online content and expensive online computer education ed-tech start-ups, when you start looking for resources that can help students in the computer education taught in school, there are a very few which are tailored for exam assessment required in schools.

Take an example of languages like Java taught in ICSE schools or Python in CBSE Schools. If you Google, you will see lots of resources on these, but if you try to find something tailored for school curriculum or exam oriented content, you will find limited content. The rise of online education due to corona has helped but most of the content you will find is substandard and just recordings of online classes without leveraging animation, virtual reality and other features technology has to offer.

One of the startup which is looking to bridge this gap is Simply Coding. They have been making curated content exclusively for computer science subject for K12. So starting from what is Computers for class 1 to Python/Java Programming for Class 12 they have it all covered. 

Their YouTube channel,Simply Coding has 200+ animated videos which are leveraged by students and teachers alike. The content is structured as per NCERT guidelines and it has additional videos to comply with CBSE, ICSE boards too with special focus on board examinations. The videos are available in both English and Hindi to assist students in vernacular languages. In fact their India viewership is only 61% and students and schools in countries like Philippines, Pakistan, Nepal, America are leveraging the content for computer education. With over 100K+ views every month, their average like ratio for videos is 95.5%.

The national educational policy 2020 stresses on application of knowledge and problem solving rather than rote memorization. In line with that CBSE changed its exam pattern from theoretical questions to case study and application based and questions. website provides a plethora of notes, multiple choice questions, short application based questions, case studies and practice programs to enable students to cope with changing exam pattern. In addition to this they also provide Sample papers for 2021 board exams as per the revised syllabus issued due to Covid. The papers are also available on platforms such as Amazon.

Whether schools are using Google Classroom, Microsoft teams, WhatsApp or any other platform, they are leveraging the content for either teaching online or as revision videos to be made available to student 24x7. Quizzes and exercises can also be designed as per school format.

Simply Coding founder and MD RekhaDey had 25+ years of experience in IT industry. Seeing a huge vacuum of quality content for K12, she quit her job and bootstrapped this start-up to make educative content for computer education in 2019. With Covid, the whole online education got a boost and viewership went up by 300%. Their goal is to provide quality content to students which are easy to understand and also tie up with schools who are also struggling to keep up with technology and move content online. They are also targeting K12 education in countries such as US and Philippines.