The superheroes of Sony SAB redefine friendship like never before ~ Dev Joshi, Siddharth Nigam and Abhishek get candid about their camaraderie ~

The beloved trio of Sony SAB- Abhishek Nigam, Siddharth Nigam, and Dev Joshi believe that “Vibes attract the tribe.” From performing as a child actor to full-fledged stars, this trio and their shows have received immense love and appreciation from fans across the country, with Baalveer Returns and Hero-Gayab Mode On. While the three boys have great camaraderie among them, they never fail to support each other and stand by through the thick and thins of life.

In a candid conversation, Dev Joshi, Abhishek Nigam and Siddharth Nigamspilled the beans on how their friendship has grown over the years:

Dev Joshi, expressing his profound connection with the Nigam brothers said, “Although we don’t meet or talk to each other regularly, we have deep affection and warmth for each other in our hearts. Three of us are like school friends, we have grown up watching and learning a lot from each other. We prefer keeping our social media accounts and mobile phones away whenever we meet, we talk about our lives, career and this has helped our friendship grow and has filled our hearts with loads of love. I believe this bond that we share is eternal and helps us magnify and widen our skills as well. Even though, we share a level of healthy competition among us, we know to keep our professional and personal lives apart which never affects our friendship.”

Siddharth Nigam, talking about the rapport he shares with Dev Joshi, said “I believe any rapport takes years to build and gradually, we have developed a bond and with each passing day, it's getting better, making our journey in this TV industry memorable and special. Dev with his immense hardwork and dedication has always inspired me to push my boundaries and evolve as an artist. The way he performs his characters, be it Baalveer, Happy Pandey, or Kaal, his work speaks for him. He is super professional when it comes to work, other than that he is quite fun to spend time with. We are like a small family now and the love and admiration for each other is mutual.”

Abhishek Nigam, sharing about his bond with Dev said, “Dev is more like a younger brother to me, he is a part of our family now. Though, mostly we are busy shooting but whenever we meet, it is like a feast we enjoy to our hearts content, have fun together, and spend quality time with each other. Our bond has grown over the years and I hope we continue to love and support each other like we always do.”

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