Iss Vat Purnima, kyaIndreshbachaapayega Swati aurapne hone-wale bacche ko?

Vat Purnima brings all Hindu married women together to fast for their husband’s longevity and well-being. In &TV’s Santoshi Maa SunayeVrat, Kathayein Swati (Tanvi Dogra) is committed to praying for her dutiful husband Indresh (Ashish Kadian), who decides to join wife in the ritual. Their relationship knows no bounds of love, and they never hesitate to sacrifice for each other. Much like Savitri, as the tale goes, it narrates her strong will and determination that saved her husband from the clutches of Yamraj himself. The viewers are in a high-intensity episode as Devesh (Dhiraj Rai) kidnaps Swati in a trunk. Singhasan Singh (Susheel Singh) shoots Devesh as he tries to escape. Both Swati and her to-be-born child’s life is in danger. Indresh has fought all odds to ensure his future with Swati. Will Indresh gain inspiration from Savitri’s tale and save his family from death in time, or will he surrender to the ultimate fate? 

The history of Savitri and the significance is famous folklore, Gracy Singh, Santoshi Maa of & TV’s Santoshi Maa SunayeVratKathayeinsays, “This day honours Savitri for her utmost devotion towards her husband. She was in love with Satyavan and married him despite knowing that he has a short life. To defeat his fate, she started praying daily for his long life. One day when Satyavan was resting under a Banyan tree, he suddenly passed away. When Yamraj came to take away his soul, Savitri stood against it. Yamraj, in exchange for her husband’s soul, granted her three wishes one after another; redeeming her third wish, she asked for a child with Satyavan, and he granted it. Stunned with the witty response and the love she had for her husband, the God of death himself restored Satyavan’s life. This narrative is a strong example of perseverance and courage. Savitri’s tale continues to inspire women to stay strong and have belief in themselves.” Sharing more on the fast rituals, Tanvi Dogra, Swati of & TV’s Santoshi Maa SunayeVratKathayein, says, “On this occasion, women listen and narrate the Vat Savitri Katha. She observes fast and dresses in bridal attire while offering prayers to the Banyan Tree by tying a red or yellow coloured thread around it. It lasts for four days, where fruits can be consumed in the first three days and on the fourth-day post offering water to the moon, the women break their fast.” 

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