The role of Sakina in &TV's Aur Bhai Kya ChalRaha Hai was destined for me", says Akansha Sharma, essaying the role of Sakina in the show


Small talk or conversation starters, as we call it, is a customary way to connect with people to know about them or the happenings in their life. One such conversation starter used every day by most Indians when they meet a friend, neighbour, family, or acquaintance is 'Aur Bhai Kya ChalRaha Hai'! Echoing this culture in a light-hearted narrative is the slice-of-life story of the two families - Mishras and the Mirzas, in & TV's brand-new show, Aur Bhai Kya ChalRaha Hai? Produced by Amjad Hussain, Sheikh of Shade Productions, the show features local talents in the lead, with Akansha Sharma as Sakina Mirza, Farhana Fatema as Shanti Mishra, Pawan Singh as Zafar Ali Mirza, and Amrish Bobby as Ram Chandra Mishra. With significant experience in the entertainment industry, here is Akansha Sharma talking about her debut role, the show and more in a candid conversation:


1. Tell us about your role in the show and how did you bag it?

I am essaying Sakina Mirza's role, a character that has a lot of shades to it. She is self-obsessed and loves to dress up from head to toe. Her best quality is how to get her work done, especially from her husband, but with love! She is a sweet little knife, a meethichoori, as one can put it. It feels I was destined to play this character. When I got to know that the markers were on the lookout for two leading ladies for the lead roles, Sakina and Shanti, I auditioned for both. However, I got selected for Sakina's part, given the similarities in mannerisms and personality. I had never imagined that things would work out so beautifully. I was so excited when I was informed and can never forget that day. I love the character, and I am thoroughly enjoying shooting for it. It has been a hectic schedule but equally rewarding.  


2. Sakina is a character you are making a TV debut with; how does it feel about it?

I am, without a doubt, on Cloud Nine! Like I said before, it feels that the role of Sakina was destined for me. The character is close to my heart and extremely dear to me. I am delighted and excited to play this role. It is fun, entertaining, and, most importantly, a character similar to my real-life persona. I could not have asked for anything better than this! I am confident that Sakina's role will be appreciated and strike a chord with the viewers. 

3. Tell us about the show and its USP.

Our show, Aur Bhai Kya ChalRaha Hai, depicts the core facet, flavour, character, and essence of the Lucknowi culture. It also highlights the long-standing Ganga-JamuniTehzeeb of Lucknow through the two families - the Mishras and the Mirzas. They are culturally opposite families but are cohabiting in an old Nawabi Haveli. In a light-hearted manner, the show finely captures the neighbouring couples love-hate relationship, jealousy, arguments, emotions, daily life issues and, most importantly, their hilarious constant nok-jhoks! There are a lot of flavours in the show that the viewers will enjoy watching.   


4. How is Sakina different from Akanksha?

I do not think Akanksha is different from Sakina at all. I am pretty similar to my reel character, where the two main commonalities between Sakina and Akanksha are that they both cannot cook and are both self-obsessed! The only difference that I can point out is that Akansha does not like to wear makeup, whereas Sakina loves dolling up. In terms of personality, in real life, I am more outgoing than Sakina. But other than that, the smartness and grace in which Sakina carries herself are almost similar to my persona. If you see the similarities between the two, it becomes easy for me to enact her personality on screen. I am enjoying every bit of it, and I am sure the viewers will enjoy watching Sakina's character.


5. As the name suggests, Aur Bhai Kya ChalRaha Hai is a typical conversation starter used by every Indian. So, which your most favourite conversation starter line and why?

In the show, you will always see Sakina address people and situations by saying 'Miyaa'. She is always busy with her family and pampered by her husband so, whenever she starts any conversation, it always begins with 'Miyaa'. As for me, my go-to conversation starter word is 'AreeSuno!'. 

6. One way to know about what is happening in your locality is to keep an eye on your next-door neighbour or have a source to society gossip keeper. Who is the character Sakina and actor, Akanksha's gossip source in the show and off-the show in real life?

Sakina's primary source of gossip in the show is her maid Paro. She is the ultimate character in the show who has her ears to the ground and knows everything going around her. She always is the one to keep Sakina up-to-date with the latest happenings in the mohalla and its people. But I don't indulge in gossiping and prefer staying as far away from it as I can in real life.

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