Make old-age a blessing, not a burden for your elders: Atul Malikram

The transformation of humans from one phase to another is a dynamic process. Many scholars and writers have characterized old age as a second childhood. The second childhood is also interpreted as a stage of life where the lifecycle returns to its beginning. The return of childhood in old age is truly wonderful and incomparable. This is because the nature of an elderly person is just like a child, the habit of finding happiness in small things and a heart full of emotions. Just as a child always wants to be surrounded by his mother and father, similarly elders also feel great pleasure while spending time with their loved ones. They seek the love and support of their dear ones at this wonderful stage of age. So sit and eat with them, go for a walk with them, take care of their health, don't leave them alone even for a moment, take care of their needs, assure them that you are with them in every situation. 

We are making progress in various fields day by day, but the truth is that despite all this, we are far behind in taking care of our elderly. The fingers that taught us to walk, the lap where we used to play, whose presence never let any sadness befall us, who taught us values and lessons of life; the shoulders on which, we travelled the world; who kept themselves awake all night and recited lullabies to us, can we ignore the presence of these special people, who have dedicated their whole life for us, especially at the time they need us the most. What do they want from us in the last phase of their life? Only Love and support. Are we incapable of providing these two things to them? The reality is, in the race of living and earning, we are forgetting those who made our life beautiful. 

Reverence for parents is embedded in Indian culture. But the transformation of family structures and lifestyle in the current decade has deeply impacted society. Even if our intention is not bad, but in the race of earning, we are building the foundation of a nuclear family by breaking our homes. In short, while leaving the support of our elders, we are causing the break up of our entire family. We are responsible for snatching away from them their best and truest friends- their grandchildren. 

Whatever be the reason, the trend of nuclear families has indeed increased very fast in the last few years, and in such a situation both children and elders are being deprived of each other's love. Very few families are left, who are still flourishing with the blessings of elders. Our life is meaningless without the blessing and presence of our elders. The mushrooming of nuclear families especially in urban India has led to a steadily increasing number of old age homes. Can we leave peacefully after hurting and disrespecting them? One should always remember that what you reap is what you sow. 

Even large charities in temples will not be enough to purify our souls if we hurt our parents. Parents are given the status of gods in our scriptures, and they should be loved and worshipped. So take care of them before yourself and be the support of their old age. In the true sense, those who have the blessing of the elders, are the richest and successful people in the world.

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