Mumbai gets its most hygienic, professionally managed and FREE of cost Covid Care isolation centre, ‘International Students Hostel Isolation Centre,’ (for the under-priviliged) set up by Ashia - Hope for Life Foundation in association with MCGM and launched by the pop icon, Dhvani Bhanushali.



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Mumbai’s Kalina university will soon be home to the city’s most hygienic, professionally managed and free of cost Covid care Isolation centre, ‘International Students Hostel Isolation Centre,’ (for the under-priviliged) set up by Ashia - Hope for Life Foundation in association with MCGM. The facility was launched today with Smt. Kishori Pednekar, Honorable Mayor of Mumbai, Shri. Vishwanath Mahadeshwar, Former Mayor of Mumbai, Smt. Alka Sasane, Dhvani Bhanushali, Youth Icon & Pop Star, Asst Commissioner, MCGM - H/East Ward, Smt. Anita Gurnani, Co-founder of 50 Young and Ms. Aparna Shah, Co-founder of Ashia- Hope for Life Foundation as the Guest Of Honours.


The 140 bed centre will be open free of cost to any Covid Positive patient with mild or moderate symptoms, who are under privileged and don’t have the means to isolate themselves at their home. It has 70 rooms with twin beds and a private bathroom in each room, making it suitable for both geriatric and paediatric patients. The centre will be fully equipped with medical staff comprising of Doctors and Nurses, coupled with oxygen cylinders and an ambulance on standby, should any patients’ health worsen.


The year 2021 has highlighted the fact that a large section of the under privileged population was struggling to get proper medical aid or having means to isolate themselves. The harsh reality of Covid-19 spreading further and faster is what encouraged the founder of Ashia - Hope for Life Foundation, Ms. Aparna Shah to work in association with the MCGM and open this professionally managed Covid care Isolation centre for the under-privileged citizens.


Co-founder of Ashia- Hope for Life Foundation, Ms. Aparna Shah is a qualified CA & a Commerce graduate. After a successful stint of 12 years with Citibank, she moved into Broadcasting industry and operates a Bhojpuri regional channel- Bhojpuri Dhamaka DISHUM. She believes in building long term relationships with partners through transparency, mutual trust & value addition. She is passionate to work towards social change – more specifically towards women empowerment and employment generation.


Speaking on the opening of the International Students Hostel Isolation Centre, Aparna affirms that, “A lot of under-privileged Covid Positive citizens had reservations in getting isolated at government isolation centres and instead would end up either not doing the test or staying at home thereby risking their family members and neighbouring people. In addition, they may not have the means to arrange for wholesome meals and proper medication. We wish to create awareness and spread the word for this Isolation Centre - so that they don’t get scared of staying at an Isolation Centre and instead will be well taken care of by Ashia Team, in association with MCGM.”


Dhvani Bhanushali, the pop icon has also been at the forefront of helping those suffering from COVID and doing her bit and more when it comes to COVID relief. She has always been known to be a youth icon and role model to the younger generation. Her talent in the field of music is unparalleled and she has set many examples in the past of being the ideal citizen for the youth to follow suit. Speaking on the effort to help COVID stricken patients, Dhvani says "the pandemic has surely affected the world across all nations. But those who are underprivileged and cannot afford basic facilities have been the most affected. When Aparna and Vishal approached me to lend my support to their foundation, I instantly knew this was something that will truly make a difference and I want to be a part of it."


Apart from the International Students Hostel Isolation Centre, founders of Ashia- Hope for Life Foundation had undertaken a project in 2020 called “Kitchen for All”. The founders came across needy people not having food and essential items, hence they decided to provide cooked meals in the slum areas and also distributed essential kits to our fellow migrant citizens who were traveling to their hometown. For almost 5 months, they provided 3,000 cooked meals every day to the needy people around Bandra/Santacruz E areas.


The International Students Hostel Isolation Centre set up by Ashia - Hope for Life Foundation in association with MCGM will be operational for the public from Friday, July 9, 2021.

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