ZunSolar Propels India's Efforts in Solving Power Storage Woes

Gurugram, 15 July 2021: With the introduction of new-age solar batteries, Indian solar solution startup, ZunSolar, has taken a giant leap in solving the country's problem of power storage. ZunSolar took up the challenge to offer one of the most advanced yet affordable solar batteries in the country and launched its Power Plus series of solar batteries. ZunSolar believes that these batteries will give every Indian the power to protect themselves against power outages and choose a cleaner and more reliable energy source. 

ZunSolar offers different solar batteries with the Power Plus Solar Batteries which cater to every energy-storage need of people. ZunSolar Power Plus ZR 12 Volt Solar Battery is available in four variants of 20Ah, 40Ah,100Ah, and 150Ah. ZunSolar Power Plus can power TV sets, LED bulbs, fans, solar pumps, and every other home appliance. 

ZunSolar batteries are C10 solar batteries based on Tubular Plate Technology. These batteries get fully charged within ten hours and give prolonged backup time. With ZunSolar Power Plus ZR 150Ah 12 Volt Solar Battery, you can run a TV set, light an LED bulb, and power fan for 10 hours every day, while with ZunSolar Power Plus ZR 40Ah 12 Volt Solar Battery, you can run a TV set, light an LED bulb and power fan for 8 hours every day. 

ZunSolar Solar batteries are available at an unbeaten price on Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal, and www.zunsolar.com You can get ZunSolar Power Plus ZR 20Ah 12 Volt battery at Rs 3,449 only and ZunSolar Power Plus ZR 40Ah 12 Volt battery at Rs 4,562 only. If you need more back up time, you can get ZunSolar Power Plus ZR 100Ah 12 Volt Solar Battery at Rs 10,215 and ZunSolar Power Plus ZR 150Ah 12 Volt Solar Battery at Rs 14,500 only.

The price and the features of the ZunSolar batteries have already made it their fastest-selling product online despite the ongoing pandemic in India. ZunSolar is an initiative of ZunRoof Tech Pvt Limited, India’s largest residential solar rooftop installation company. It is founded by Mr. Pranesh Chaudhary and Mr. Sushant Sachan, both alumni of IIT- Kharagpur. 

If you are interested in partnering with ZunSolar, please contact us at www.zunsolar.com

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