Solar Panel Sales Spike As ZunSolar Launches200-watt Mono PERC solar panel

Gurugram 6th September, 2021: Solar solutions startup, ZunSolar recently added a new feather to its cap by introducing advanced 200W Mono PERC solar panel to its wide range of solar product offerings. The range already included polycrystalline solar panels and other Mono PERC solar panels.

The 200-watt Mono PERC solar panel has been launched keeping in mind the domestic needs of rural dwellers. ZunSolar saw an overwhelming response in its soft launch of this 200-watt in the online arena. To boost the adoption of solar across the nation, ZunSolar has magnanimously taken up the challenge to make this newly launched product one of the most affordable solutions across the country.

In the market, the average buy of a 200W Mono PERC currently stands around INR 10,000; but making an unbeatable price offering, ZunSolar launched it’s 200W Mono PERC panel at an introductory price of just INR 5,999. The price and the features of the 200W solar panel have already made it their fastest selling product online in spite of the ongoing pandemic in India. 

The new ZunSolar 200W panel gives an output of around 1.5 units per day subject to weather conditions. To give a fair idea, this solar panel can produce sufficient electricity to run two LED bulbs and a fan for 10-12 hours a day. Apart from this, one can utilise the power to operate small equipment like a small LED TV, charging phones etc. 

Solar panels are becoming easier to procure and are thus making households energy independent. They come with a 25 year warranty making them a great investment in the future of energy sources. Not only this, solar panels are easy to maintain and require minimal maintenance - making this source of energy a no brainer to adopt.

The product is now exclusively available on Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal and

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About ZunSolar

ZunSolar is India’s own solar energy-based brand with a range of advanced products that covers inverters, batteries, panels and accessories. It is an initiative started by ZunRoof, a home-tech company powered by a mix of Image Processing, Virtual Reality, IoT, and Data Analytics. They are solving energy issues of India by using un-utilized rooftops for solar, and by providing sense and control of every appliance in one’s house through in-house developed IoT-enabled hardware and accompanying apps. The company was founded in June 2016 by Mr. Pranesh Chaudhary and Mr. Sushant Sachan, both alumni of IIT- Kharagpur. In less than four years of starting up, ZunRoof has already become the #1 choice for residential and SME clients in India for solar. Till date, the company has assessed over 2,50,000 homes, designed over 30,000 rooftop solar systems in 75+ cities in India, and has installed 15 MW+ of rooftop solar & 50,000+ IoT devices.

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