Meyhaa & Kaira’s rendition of the Kashmiri folk song Roshè feat Indian Ocean’s Amit Kilam is out now!*

Indian Ocean’s Amit Kilam, has a special treat for music lovers across the country. The celebrated drummer and vocalist is all set to introduce his daughters Meyhaa and Kaira with ‘Roshè’, a popular Kashmiri folk song, originally penned by Kashmiri legend, Habba Khatoon.

Sisters Meyhaa and Kaira are finally out with their soulful rendition of the song which is an integral part of Kashmir’s heritage. Amit Kilam also lends his vocals to the track that takes listeners through a rollercoaster of emotions – hurt, agony, passion and rage all entwined in a beautiful and heart wrenching melody.

‘Roshè’ also marks the launch of Meyhaa and Kaira’s official YouTube channel where listeners can expect several other music gems from the talented duo.

Talking about their first song, Meyhaa and Kaira reveal, “Roshè was a track very close to our hearts. We immediately felt a strong connection to it and a deep sense of empathy. We knew this was something we wanted to hear and we wanted people to hear. We hope we’ve done justice to this beautiful song.”

Adds Indian Ocean’s Amit Kilam, “Both Meyhaa and Kaira are extremely passionate about music and have a signature style that’s unique and hopefully will resonate with the Gen Z audience. It’s quite challenging to take a legendary piece of poetry and make it relevant to the current generation. I’m proud to be part of Roshè and extremely proud of the girls.”

Catch Meyhaa & Kaira’s ‘Roshè’ featuring Amit Kilam now on their YouTube channel

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