Gujarati police movie Madhav is coming..


The golden age of Gujarati cinema seems to be drawing to a close with the way Gujarati films are booming and reaching new heights.High quality films are now being made using state-of-the-art technology with new themes and are always appreciated by the audience.


The first look of Jace Production's first Gujarati police film Madhav, made by Hetal Thakkar, a successful organizer of Gujarati Iconic Film Awards - GIFA for the last five years, was posted on social media on 21st February.Hetal Thakkar is directing his debut through this film.


The first look of the film has been specially announced on the occasion of the birthday of ICON STAR HituKanodia, the lead actor of the film and people have applauded the first look of this first film of Jace Production.


The Kanodia family has always contributed a lot to Gujarati cinema and that is why HituKanodia, the lead actor of the film, has been given the title of ICON STAR by director Hetal Thakkar and creative director Vivek Thakkar.


Along with HituKanodia, other actors in the film include Mehul Butch, Vishal Shah, Saloni Shah, Smit Pandya, ChetanDaiya, Atul Lakhani, DhartiVaghela, Kaushik Vyas, Hitesh Thakar, AkashZala, Saunak Vyas, Nisarg Trivedi, Tushar Dave, R. J Lajja, Vishal Thakkar, Hitarth Thakkar, Jimmy Nanda, Rajesh Thakkar etc.


According to the film's director Hetal Thakkar, post-production of the film is underway and will be seen in cinemas in the near future.