Ab India Karega Invest’ a flagship event from Groww sees strong participation from young investors in Jodhpur Groww aims to impact 10 million Indians across 100 cities through Ab India Karega Invest 59% of investors from Jodhpur on Groww’s platform prefer stocks, while 30% prefer mutual funds and 8% invest in IPOs

Jodhpur, India, April 26, 2022:Groww, India's fastest growing investment platform today concluded its on-ground event,Ab India Karega Investin Jodhpur. The event witnessed strong participation from the retail investor community in the city. A financial education initiative,Ab India Karega Invest aims to simplify investments for citizens across the country in a simple, secure and accessible manner. Groww will also conduct similar events in cities like Kota, Ajmer & Udaipur this year, in the heightened investor interest in these markets.

Started in 2020,Ab India Karega Investis Groww's offline event that introduces people to the investment world, educates them about different investment options and resolves their queries through one to one interaction. Groww targets tier II and III markets that are indicating a high potential of retail investment growth in the near future, thereby creating a broader ecosystem, nationally. Since its launch, Groww has successfully conducted these day-long events in more than 20 cities, impacting over two million investors thus far. Over a period of a year, Groww aims to conduct Ab India Karega Invest in 100 cities across the country, impacting 10 million Indians, across tier II and III markets.

Founded in 2016, Groww currently has over 20 million users on its platform. The platform has witnessed significant interest from young investors in both Jodhpur and Rajasthan. Currently Groww has around 14,18,516 users in Rajasthan, of which 14% are based in Jodhpur. Interestingly, 25% of investors in Jodhpur are in the age group of 18-24 years on Groww’s platform, while 18% of investors are in the age group of 25-30 years, and 13% of investors are between the ages of 31-40 years. Among these, 59% of investors prefer investing in stocks, 30% in mutual funds and 8% invest through IPOs. The trend is in line with the investment pattern observed by Groww across Rajasthan, with 55% investors on Groww’s platform investing in stocks, 35% in mutual funds and 8% that prefer the IPO route.

Harsh Jain, Co-founder & COO, Groww, said, “We have witnessed a growth in retail investor participation from Jodhpur on our platform. A key contributor to this trend is the ease of access to different asset classes on Groww. Our simple interface enables users to take the first step in their investing journey, while effectively managing and growing their wealth. We are further democratizing access to investments through our event ‘Ab India Karega Invest’. We hope that the audience in Jodhpur has benefitted from the insights shared and we are confident that the initiative will lead to greater investor participation from the market.”