Australian fashion brand, Forever New opens doors for its first store in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

The Melbourne based premium fashion brand, Forever Newopened its first store in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujaratlast week. With a pan India presence of 41 stores now, inmetropolitancities such Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai and, other cities such as Chandigarh, Jaipur, Ludhiana and more, the brand is on a mission to further cement its retail store presence across the country.

Delighted with the addition of the newapproximately 1000 sq ftstore to its already robust store presence, Mr Dhruv Bogra, Country Head, Forever New, says, “Gujarat is definitely a potential market for Forever New and we are excited to launch our store for our customers in the state.People are more style conscious now and on the lookout for the latest trends and we are certain that we would be able to bridge this gap and fulfil their fashion aspirations. We are motivated and geared to further secure a much stronger presence in the coming years ahead.”

With the upcoming stores being conceptualised on the basis of an updated retail store interiors model, the Ahmedabad store boasts the same with premium fixtures and spacious trial rooms for the ease of customers. The store layout has seen an advancement in terms of more efficient store layouts which involves styles segregated on the basis of colours and themes in order to boost the overall customer experience. Located on theGround Floor in the South Zone of the Alpha One Mall, one of the most premium malls in the city, the brand targets to fulfil the fashion needs of all the fashion forward women with a wide array of pieces across dresses, jumpsuits, co-ord sets, tops, blouses, pants along with accessories and more to offer. The brand kick starts their latest store launch with the display of its new Spring Summer’22 Collection, ‘Feel Fresh’ an alluring fusion of dreamy styles in a fresh colour palette with floral prints and bright pops of colour. With statement necklines such as the halter neck and cowl neck, the collection also brings to the forefront fun sleeves designs such as puff and flutter sleeves. Flowy silhouettes, sleek styles and comfort clothing are the mantra for the latest collection whilst maintaining the brand ethos of timeless pieces.

Kickstarting the induction of the new store with the latest collection, Mr Bogra, further adds, “We are extremely excited to open this store with our latest SS22 collection, ‘Feel Fresh’. The pieces are fun, flattering and beautiful with bright shades of candy pinks and jades, perfect for summer. Along with exquisite garments such as dresses, jumpsuits, blouses and more, we also have a wide range of accessories to accompany, such as hats, sunglasses, jewellery pieces and handbags.”

Address: Ground floor, South Zone, Ahmedabad One, Alpha One Mall, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad – 380015

About the brand:

Founded in Melbourne - Australia, Forever New is the fastest growing premium brand. Each collection is designed to elevate the wardrobe of a woman while staying true to her style sensibility. The brand’s vision - Forever New is a global women’s fashion brand that creates lasting collections designed to elevate and add to her own personal style giving her the confidence to feel beautiful in every moment. 

Forever New India is an inclusive company with women comprising of 56% of the company employee count and 60% of women as leaders across verticals in the organisation.

Forever New continues to focus on creating effortlessly wearable and timeless fashion collections, dedicated to the celebration of modern femininity. Each collection is designed with a unique blend of seasonal trends, feminine silhouettes and of the moment detailing, giving her the confidence to feel beautiful in every moment!

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