SBI General Insurance announces Shri Kishore Kumar Poludasu as the new Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Mumbai,  October 2022: SBI General Insurance Company Limited has announced the

appointment of Shri Kishore Kumar Poludasu as its new Managing Director & Chief

Executive Officer. He was nominated by the parent company, State Bank of India, for the

position and has been appointed w.e.f 4 th October 2022.

Shri Kishore Kumar Poludasu has been associated with State Bank of India since 1991 and

held several positions with the bank during his tenure. Prior to his current role at SBI

General under State Bank Group, he was the Deputy Managing Director, as the Country

Head of State Bank of India, Singapore Operations.

He is a seasoned BFSI professional with over 3 decades of experience in commercial banking

including large Corporate/Infrastructure Credit, International Banking operations, Enterprise

Management, Mergers & Consolidation, etc. A conscientious and determined leader, Shri

Poludasu has a strong track record of delivering long-term results, emphasizing the

organization's customer-centric culture, and providing value to customers at every

touchpoint. The Company today, is poised for greater growth and at this juncture SBI

General is vehemently driving focus on assertive strategies, agile processes, strategic

partnerships, and right talent management. Shri Poludasu’s experience will be of immense

value to this roadmap towards the top.

Prior to joining SBI General, at State Bank of India, he had been involved in key projects and

responsibilities which comprised of planning and strategic execution for expansion, driving

sales and growth for the bank. Shri Poludasu has also been instrumental in supervising the

integration of systems & processes and human resources during the merger between State

Bank of Mysore and SBI. He has been associated with setting up of National Bank for

Financing Infrastructure and Development (NaBFID), an All India Financial Institution (AIFI)

promoted by Government of India for enhanced focus on financing & development of

infrastructure sector in India as an Officer on Special Duty (OSD) from State Bank of India till

September 2022.

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