Contract awarded to Hindustan Infralog Pvt. Ltd. (with DP World) for mega container handling under PPP mode at Deendayal Port at Tuna Tekra, Kandla

The Deendayal Port Authority, No.1 Major Port of the Nation, has embarked upon to develop a ‘State of Art’ Mega Container Terminal at Tuna Tekra, Kandla, under PPP mode, for a concession period of 30 years, through global competitive bidding process, to be developed in the adjacent East side of existing Dry Bulk Terminal, currently being operated by AKBTPL.

M/s. Hindustan Infralog Pvt. Ltd. (D P World) has emerged as the Highest Bidder for becoming the ‘Concessionaire’ of the subject project, by offering ‘Royalty’ of Rs.6500/- per TEU. This is also the highest bid ever received in a PPP project. 

This Project, which was conceived in the year 2013 is now going to see the light of the day.

The Project entails an investment of about Rs 4500 Cr, which is the highest capital investment ever in a PPP project at any of the Major ports of the India. 

This Mega Container Terminal Project is envisaged for handling capacity of 2.19 Million TEUs per annum, with Estimated Project Cost of Rs.4243.64 Crores for Concessionaire and Rs.296.20 Crores for Authority. DPA will invest in the common basic infrastructure viz Access Channel for navigation of vessels and Road. The project facility shall cater the container vessels of size upto 21000 TEUs, with a draught of 18 M, without any pre-berthing detention for want of the tide.  The operations of the Terminal is expected to start in early 2026. 

The importance of this project can be realized from the fact that this project is a part of Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision ‘Sagarmala’ and ‘PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan’ and implementation of the project is being monitored by the PMO. Therefore, the project was structured and global publicity was adopted under the guidance of Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, wherein mega Road Show was also organized at Mumbai, in order to successfully conclude the bidding process. The project has already been apprised by the PPPAC and approved by the Union Cabinet, GoI. Also, MoEF&CC has granted the Environment Clearance to the project.

The successful implementation of the project shall not only bring a new era of Mega Container handling at Deendayal Port at Kandla, but also have a huge positive impact on economical & social scenario of the Kutch district and Gujarat region at large.

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