Moharpal Sain from Jaipur bagged the title of 'The Ultimate Junior Jagjit Singh' Grand Finale of Junior Jagjit Singh Ghazal Competition Season-3 presented by Troopel Gurminder Kaur from Ludhiana and Ajay Srivastava from Bhopal became the first and second runner-ups respectively The top 3 contestants got a thumri performance in the surprise task

10/02/23: Troopel organized the grand finale of its show, Junior Jagjit Singh on the occasion of Ghazal Emperor Jagjit Singh's birthday. In the third edition of country's first virtual musical reality show, Moharpal Sain from Jaipur has been crowned 'The Ultimate Junior Jagjit Singh'. Gurminder Kaur of Ludhiana awarded the first runner-up and Ajay Srivastava of Bhopal took second place after a fierce battle between all three finalists. Adding a challenge to the finale, Mr. Atul Malikram, co-founder of the channel gave a surprise task to the finalists. He asked them to perform a thumri by Jagjit Singh, giving them only 5 minutes for preparation. Judge Munnawar Rashid Khan meticulously evaluated the performances and declared Moharpal as the winner because of his exceptional rendition of a Thumri that emphasized the importance of emotion. The talented vocalists who took part in the four-month-long contest were highly praised for their melodious singing and consequently awarded certificates, prizes, and gift hampers. This event came to an end on the occasion of Jagjit Singh's birth anniversary with the five finalists: Moharpal Sain (Jaipur), Gurminder Kaur (Ludhiana), Ajay Srivastava (Bhopal), Mahesh Nirmal (Ujjain). and Shankar Bihari (Saharsa, Bihar).

Expressing his happiness on bagging The Ultimate Junior Jagjit Singh title, Moharpal Sain said, “I have never seen such a challenging final round in any competition. I feel honored to have the title of junior Jagjit Singh. We have learned a lot throughout the competition and are thankful to Troopel for providing us such an impressive platform.”

Judge Munnavar Rashid Khan expressed his gratitude to Troopel for maintaining the popularity of Ghazals and Jagjit Singh, and said, “It has been a privilege to be associated with such a great show as a judge, for a long time. It's been great experience to see so many ghazal singers of varying ages join this program. These talented singers will surely keep the Ghazal genre alive for a long time. Thanks to Team Troopel for carving such rare diamonds.”

Channel co-founder and Junior Jagjit Singh program host Atul Malikram said, “This is the first of its kind virtual reality show in the country in the honor of  Shri Jagjit Singh which is being successfully organized for  last three years. This has only been possible because of everyone's love towards Jagjit ji and Ghazals, and the commitment of the team involved in the program. I wish all the winners a very bright future, and assure all possible cooperation."

Thanking the audience on this occasion, Channel Head Iqbal Patel said, “After three successful seasons, we will start preparing for the fourth. What is most important for us is to see Junior Jagjit grow in popularity and influence. We will make the fourth season more interesting with some new concepts and twists. We hope that we will continue to get love and support across the country ."

Digital Head Pawan Tripathi, Co-ordinator Rutvi Sahu, Host Nandita Rai, Rohit Chandel, and the entire Troopel team contributed immensely to making this unique Ghazal competition a success. Registrations were received from different regions of the country in the competition. These were divided into four audition rounds, out of which a total of 13 participants made it to the semi-finals. Out of these, 5 participants got the ticket to the finale and later on only the top 3 made it to the final round. Renowned Ghazal singer, writer, and composer Dr. Anil Sharma graced the show as a special guest and Munnavar Rashid Khan, a famous Ghazal singer from Calcutta, played an important role as the judge of the show. Akhil Soni of Jaipur and Mahesh Rao of Guna won the title of Junior Jagjit in the last two seasons of the competition. This time this title is awarded to Moharpal Sain of Jaipur.

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