Sardana International School Focuses on Student Potential, Not Just Performance. Sardana International School Unveils Personalized Education Approach for Student Success

Dewas, February, 2022: Currently, parents are becoming increasingly concerned

about providing their children with a good education. Several studies reveal that

parents are looking for institutes they can trust and be sure of their children's future.

In this highly competitive era, it is difficult to win the trust of parents; however,

Sardana International School in Dewas has emerged as a symbol of unwavering

faith, Parents send their children to school not only to acquire knowledge, but also

to inspire them to adapt to any situation and lead a disciplined life.

Lalit Sardana Sir, who secured an All India 243rd rank in IIT, has been teaching

Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for 26 years, and Dr. Shweta Sardana Madam

teaches Biology. Their students have the highest selection ratio in all across India.

Lalit Sardana, Director of The Sardana International School, states, "Parents'

concern for their child's education is understandable and justified, but it is not a

unilateral concern. Even good institutes are concerned about their child's future, and

parents have faith in them." It is the responsibility of the institutes to teach every

child associated with them according to their level and to not hesitate to teach the

relevant lesson more than once if they do not understand. This not only increases

the child's morale but also sparks their curiosity to learn more. The teachers at

Sardana are trained to closely follow this process, so the children can feel closer to


He stated, “It is often seen that institutes admit a large number of students, but

they do not understand that every child has a different reading and comprehension

level.” At Sardana, teachers are committed to each student's learning, regardless of

their individual strengths and weaknesses. They ensure that all children receive the

attention they need to excel.

Each and every student studying at Sardana International School is dedicated to

their studies due to the limited classroom strength. Another advantage for students

is that the school and coaching are on the same campus. The school has a limited

classroom strength, allowing an optimal number of students to pursue self-studying

in the presence of experienced teachers. This setup is ideal for both competitive

exams and board examinations.

Sardana School policies do not allow students to keep personal mobile phones;

however, the school provides many forms of entertainment, such as sports, music,

dance, yoga, and meditation. This not only motivates students across India to

pursue quality education, but also helps them achieve good marks in competitive


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